“PlantScout streamlines product development across 17 nurseries.”

As Marginpar we use PlantScout to streamline the development of new summervarieties. We make observations about the development of varieties across 17 nurseries in Africa. All information is aggregated in a user friendly way.

Bart Merkus - Product development manager at Marginpar.

“We have been working since 2019 to choose the best varieties.”

We work together with 50 users to do regular greenhouse and vaselife tests to find the best varieties for our commerciel assortment.

Bernhard Schenke - Director at Dalat Hasfarm.

“Plantscout helps us to improve our communication.”

Plantscout helps us to improve our communication with our suppliers from Taiwan and The Netherlands. It allows us to build up a variety database with easy access to plant specific information regarding past performance.

Rob Vollebregt - Orchid Manager at Plainview Growers.

“PlantScout is a no-nonsens app for pest scouting and crop protection registration.”

As Dekker Chrysanten, we use PlantScout to scout our crops and register crop protection. PlantScout has specially developed a module for Dekker Chrysanten for this purpose. The excellent collaboration between PlantScout and Dekker Chrysanten has resulted in a no-nonsense application in which we can easily record our data and use this data for far-reaching analyses.

Niels Ruhe - Information manager at Dekker Chrysanten.

“Great cooperation between us and PlantScout.”

Plantscout has developed a test module especially for Floricultura. Plantscout and their specific in-depth knowledge are of added value to us. The extremely pleasant cooperation between the two companies has led to creative applications, now and in the near future. We are already looking forward to it.

Stefan Kuiper - Product Manager at Floricultura.

“PlantScout is simple!”

KP Holland has been working with PlantScout for internal and information exchange with its customers since 2018. The simplicity with which data can be requested and entered is why we work with Plantscout.

Bert van Spijk - Accountmanager young plants bij KP Holland.

“We have all data at one place instead of scattered over emails, excels and hardcopies.”

Multiple users, and also clients, can monitor and follow up our quality information per specie, period and per client(group) from one system. All desired info is captured and combined including measurements, traits and and pictures.

Lillian Namuwaya - Quality Manager at AFC Oeganda.

“PlantScout is a tool that is indispensable for data collection and communication”

At Green Circle Growers we have been using PlantScout for over 5 years now. In those years we have seen PlantScout develop from being a handy tool into a tool that is now indispensable for data collection and communication. All our variety information gets collected in the platform and shared with the breeders we work with. Each grower in our team can find any variety data and upload variety feedback and pictures from what they see out in the greenhouse.

Marcel Boonekamp - Director of Growing at Greencircle Growers.