Collect information about varieties, batches and suppliers to make better decisions.

Centralize & digitize separate registrations in a consistent way to make better decisions about quality.

A set of functions that will make your daily work a lot easier

Record characteristics according to your own cultivation.

Easily collaborate with suppliers.

Keep track of flower and branch counts easily and efficiently.

Locate and track batches.

And many other registrations such as linages and vaselife tests.

Record specific characteristics according to your own cultivation method

Every grower has a unique cultivation method to register characteristics and measurements that are important to them. PlantScout can be fully adapted to this specific cultivation method. Think of things such as sensitivity to diseases, growth characteristics and measurements.

“Plantscout helps us to improve our communication.”

Plantscout helps us to improve our communication with our suppliers from Taiwan and The Netherlands. It allows us to build up a variety database with easy access to plant specific information regarding past performance.

Rob Vollebregt. - Orchid Manager at Plainview Growers.

Are you, like , ready to experience the advantages of PlantScout ?

Easily collaborate with suppliers

Provide central feedback about (test) varieties and quickly gain insight into whether or not things are in order. It is possible to view the feedback or complaints centrally and to monitor the status thereof by the parties involved

Keep track of flower and branch counts easily and efficiently..

Get a good picture of the average branch or flower numbers by registering counts in the PlantScout app. Knowing for sure what breeds are doing and have done leads to making critical & smarter choices.

Locate and track batches.

Locating batches and keeping their status up to date is very simple. PlantScout is a great alternative if you do not have a heavy ERP system, or if your ERP system is much too complex or time-consuming..

Our grower subscriptions

The pricing depends on the number of characteristics that you use and the number of different report types you want. The number of farms/departments in your company is also a factor. Below we give some common examples.

Grower basic

€ 600,- / year
  • 1 farm, 1 user
  • Online support
  • Basic functionalities
  • 1 characteristic
  • 1 report type

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Most popular

Grower complete

€ 1200,- / year
  • 1 farm, unlimited users
  • Online support
  • Basic functionalities
  • 6 characteristics
  • 2 report types

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Grower premium

€ 1800,- / year
  • 2 farms, unlimited users
  • Online support
  • Extended functionalities
  • 12 characteristics
  • 2 report types

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Get clear what Plantscout can do for your company

A customized demo version / Try PlantScout 2 months for free

1. Session

During a first session we discuss your registration needs

3. Configure

Based upon the first session we configure a custom environment for you

4. Use

You can directly try out the system with multiple personss in your orginanisation

4. Follow up

We discuss the insights in a weekly call and adjust the system where necessary to optimize the added value