Build knowledge about your varieties together with your customers

Register which varieties are or can become successful and get feedback from customers to make good decisions about quality.

A set of functions that will make your daily work a lot easier

Collect feedback from growers about test varieties centrally.

Easily share catalog information with growers.

Support registrations and follow-up of flowertrails.

Keep track of hybrids and pedigree information.

Handle complaints efficiently.

Collect feedback about your test varieties quickly and easily

As breeders you want to know what the growers (and possibly other chain partners) think of your varieties. Researching and collecting all this feedback can be done in one central place very easily at the touch of a button.

Easily share information about your variety catalogue

Easily share photos, characteristics (such as color, height and pot size) and cultivation advice on varieties.

“PlantScout streamlines product development across 17 nurseries.”

As Marginpar we use PlantScout to streamline the development of new summervarieties. We make observations about the development of varieties across 17 nurseries in Africa. All information is aggregated in a user friendly way.

Bart Merkus. - Product development manager at Marginpar.

Are you, like , ready to experience the advantages of PlantScout ?

Support registrations and follow-ups directly with your customers during flowertrials

During flowertrials, your account managers or customers can immediately take notes about interesting varieties and place orders

Keep an overview of lineages and pedigree information.

Viewing recent and historical data about crossbreeds and pedigree information is easy to find and use.

Efficiently process complaints from customers

With the complaints module, complaints are registered centrally and uniformly. Both parties have digital insight into the complaint, can view the complaint handling and process it efficiently.

Our breeder subscriptions

Breeder Basic

€ 3000,- / year
  • Unlimited users
  • Online support
  • Catalogue module
  • Import module
  • Breeding registration

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Extra modules

Breeder Extra

€ 6000,- / year
  • Breeder standard
  • Extensive support
  • Variety tests module
  • Flowertrial module
  • Complaints module

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Connect growers

  • Provide free accounts to custoners
  • If customer has no PlantScout
  • Extend your service
  • Receive more feedback
  • Extended support

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Get clear what Plantscout can do for your company

A customized demo version / Try PlantScout 2 months for free

1. Session

During a first session we discuss your registration needs

3. Configure

Based upon the first session we configure a custom environment for you

4. Use

You can directly try out the system with multiple persons in your orginanisation

4. Follow up

We discuss the insights in a weekly call and adjust the system where necessary to optimize the added value