Create quality and inspection reports at lightning speed and easily share them with colleagues and partners.

Build knowledge transparency about deliveries, product groups and suppliers and document everything centrally to professionalize quality standards.

A set of functions that will make your daily work a lot easier

Make professional inspection reports effectively and quickly.

Easily share your reports with colleagues and partners.

Manage periodic order inspections with your plant suppliers.

Connect with ERP for real-time information exchange.

Export and analyze quality reports.

Create professional quality and inspection reports effectively and quickly

Check incoming batches and batches at the supplier according to a uniform and professional-looking report in just an instant.

Easily share your reports with colleagues and partners

Select and share one or more quality reports with colleagues, partners or suppliers. Share them via channels such as Whatsapp, email and SMS.

Periodic visits at plant suppliers.

Register the progress of orders digitally in PlantScout during periodic visits. This way you can quickly make adjustments in case of possible problems..

Export and analyze quality reports.

Export quality reports to Excel in an instant. Analyzing this data is also possible with our live links to Power BI and Qlik.

Connect with ERP system for real-time information exchange.

Make reports about orders faster by reading the order information from your ERP system into PlantScout in real time. This allows you to inspect batches more quickly, based on the established order criteria. This information can be written back to the ERP system, preventing double entry.

Our quality subscriptions

The pricing depends on the the number of different report types you want and a number of quality criteria. The number of quality officers is also a factor. Below we give some common examples.

Quality basic

€ 1500,- / year
  • 1 quality fulltime officer
  • Online support
  • All functionalities, No API
  • Unlimited users
  • 1 quality/inspection report type

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Most popular

Quality complete

€ 3000,- / year
  • 3 fulltime quality officers
  • Online support
  • All functionalities, API additional cost
  • Unlimited users
  • 3 quality/inspection report types

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Quality premium

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  • Many quality officers
  • Extended support
  • All functionalities, API included
  • Unlimited users
  • Many Quality/inspection report types

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Get clear what Plantscout can do for your company

A customized demo version / Try PlantScout 2 months for free

1. Session

During a first session we discuss your registration needs

2. Configure

Based upon the first session we configure a custom environment for you

3. Use

You can directly try out the system with multiple personss in your orginanisation

4. Follow up

We discuss the insights in a weekly call and adjust the system where necessary to optimize the added value