Imagine you’re walking through your nursery and something draws your attention. A beautiful flower. Damage. Or yellow leaves.

You want to capture this! You quickly take a photo, but forget to show it to a colleague and sometime later your photo is lost in family photo’s on your phone. Alternatively you quickly scribble something on a piece of paper that you find in your pocket the next day, all crumpled. With everything constantly changing both inside and outside your nursery, this can be improved!

We believe in your knowledge and want to capture it within the nursery. That’s why we have developed a platform, PlantScout, that enables you to easily capture and share this knowledge. The notebook of the 21st century, in which your rating, photo’s and remarks can easily be captured, without ever losing them. All notes are kept and can be easily retrieved both using our app or web-portal. All knowledge is centrally stored and can be shared with breeders or suppliers of any variety. This way the entire value chain can benefit. No more crumpled paper notes, no more separate apps, no more Excel in the office. Instead all your knowledge is safely stored in one environment! As simple as possible, always available and well archived.

1. Discover new varieties

Never miss out on the opportunity to discover a new variety! Whether you’re visiting a breeder, at an expo or whenever you decide, you can scout new varieties. You can easily and quickly capture everything you need with the PlantScout app.

Creating a scout report

Choose scout report from the menu and capture your newly discovered variety. Existing varieties of breeders that are working with PlantScout are easily found. New varieties can be easily entered.

Provide your rating

After choosing the variety, you can provide a 0 – 5 star rating, if needed supported by a remark and one or more photo’s. To enable optimal cooperation with breeders you can even tell them right away if you want to test this variety and if so, in what quantity.

Finding back your new discoveries

In the comfort of your home you can easily access your reports, either via the PlantScout app or web-portal. Your test indication is shared with the breeder. He or she will find your report in their inbox.

2. All information on growing your varieties

While growing your product mix a lot of factors come into play. Wouldn’t it be great to have all your memos available, to be able to look back? Choosing the right varieties becomes much clearer if you have all pro’s and con’s of any variety at a glance. Capturing grow memos in PlantScout enables you to easily capture everything you need for your benefit.

Creating a grow report

Choose to enter a grow report from the menu for all observations you and your team want to share about a variety or lot. This way you will never loose vital information ever again.

Provide your rating

The user interface of the grow and scout report are visually the same, with the additional benefit you as a grower can decide which characteristics you deem important to capture. Rating, photos and remarks are still available, as a foundation for any report. Finally you decide for each grow report whether or not you want to share it with the breeder or supplier.

Quickly retrieve information

PlantScout enables easy and quick filtering of all reports in the app, as well as on the web-portal. This way you can always find back the information you’re looking for. Furthermore you can find all reports for any given variety at a glance in our variety report, including all characteristics you captured. You’ll never loose track of any information.

1. Quickly gauge interest in varieties

It’s always exciting to get new varieties to market. How will clients react, will there be enough demand? Wouldn’t it be great if growers could easily provide you with feedback on new varieties? Upload new varieties to the PlantScout platform and invite growers to provide feedback using via a scout report.

Share your catalog information on varieties in terms of photos, characteristics (such as colour, hight and pot size) and grow advice easily via PlantScout.

Share your catalog information on varieties in terms of photos, characteristics (such as colour, hight and pot size) and grow advice easily via PlantScout.

Ask for feedback

Ask growers for their opinion on expos, visits or the flower trials. Growers can easily tell you what they think of a variety, based on your catalog information, via a scout report. Next to feedback in terms of a rating or remark growers can let you know they want to test your new variety right away!

Inbox for reports

Through your inbox all scout reports become easily accessible, so you can gauge market interest independent of place and time.

2. Looking for new varieties at tissue labs

On your own journey of discovering new varieties PlantScout helps you to keep track of what you’ve discovered. Use scout reports to capture photos and remarks of your favorites and review or share them whenever and wherever you are.

3. Testing new varieties together

Grower feedback on new varieties is essential to your business. How well will a variety perform outside of the safe breeding environment? Is it possible to grow this variety everywhere, by everyone? Ask your growers to provide you with feedback and work together towards go to market of new varieties.

Feedback on test varieties

Add your test varieties to PlantScout (only visible for test growers), by sharing catalog information, characteristics, photo’s and growth advice. Then decide which characteristics you would like growers to test. PlantScout helps you to mak sure you get the feedback you need.

Growers feedback

Growers provide you with feedback on development of your new variety in their nursery, using the test report function in PlantScout. Next to the rating, photos and remarks growers need to capture essential characteristics. Using this feedback enables you to breed the variety to perfection!

Report inbox

Monitor feedback through your inbox, where all reports regarding tests by growers are easily accessible. Decide based on facts which varieties are ready to go to market and which characteristics need work.

4. Monitor your young plants

Of course, just like a grower, you can monitor your own (young plants) breeding by making growth memos yourself. In this way, in addition to insight from customers, you also get a clear overview of your own notes and those of your staff.

Please contact leo@plantscout.eu or via the contact form for an extensive explanation and/or demo of PlantScout!